Pseudoscience or not, you can’t deny how crystal healing has made a comeback in the recent years. It’s flooded our Instagram feeds, blogs, and social media accounts. More and more online stores are offering crystals, jewelry, and other crystal healing accessories. If you’re one who’s determined to benefit from this resurgence, we’ve got a list of crystals that you need in your life for a better 2019. Before we go exploring our auras, however, let’s take a closer look at what crystal healing really means.

Crystals and Crystal Healing

Crystals, plainly put, are naturally occurring rocks. So why the big deal about them? Because they are naturally formed, these crystals have their own frequencies and energies. This is what crystal proponents bank on for healing. Different types of crystals produce different types of energies and frequencies, which is why there are different types of crystals, depending on your intention, or what you’d like to achieve.

How to Use Crystals

Crystals are great for both home and office use. You can even bring them with you during travels! Some crystals are designed to provide extra protection during traveling. In general, crystals must be “programmed.” This is the process in which you hold your crystal and speak your intention to it. Take some time to ruminate on your intention and you’ll find that the crystal will absorb it. Listen closely to your soul, it will tell you when the energy transfer has been completed. So how do you know which crystal is right for you and your goals? Let’s find out in this list of 10 crystals that you need in your life for a better 2019.

1. Clear Quartz

One of the most common and most popular crystals is the clear quartz, because it is often used for any intention. The clear quartz is also known as the “Master Healer,” as it absorbs frequencies and amplifies your intention. It’s great for creating intentions at the beginning of the year, so that it will be amplified all year long.

9 Crystals That You Need in Your Life for a Better 2019

Clear Quartz Tower

This clear quartz tower is perfect for beginners who are looking to get into crystal healing. It can be placed in the bedroom or study and be programmed with your goals for 2019. It has an elegant look and feel to it and goes well with any home decor. Shop at Etsy.

9 Crystals That You Need in Your Life for a Better 2019

Clear Quartz Triangle Necklace

If you prefer to wear your crystals, this gorgeous pyramid pendant on a gold plated chain is for you. Bring your clear quartz anywhere and amplify your intentions as you walk through life everyday. Get this at Etsy.


2. Citrine

If citrine reminds you of the sun’s golden rays then it has truly served its purpose. Citrine is known to provide energy and optimism. For those who are looking to live a more positive life or create better, more positive habits this year, you’ll need some citrine in your life! Best placed near the sun so the light can radiate your intentions better.

9 Crystals That You Need in Your Life for a Better 2019

Raw Natural Citrine

Citrine, which also happens to be the November birthstone, amplifies light and radiates energy. This charming little piece is a great addition to any home, especially near windows. Shop at Etsy.


3. Carnelian

The Carnelian is great paired with citrine because it gives a boost of courage. Known as “the artist’s stone,” the carnelian aids in manifesting creative dreams. For those who feel like you’re stuck in a rut, this crystal is for you. Carnelian helps dispel procrastination and enables you to have a clearer mind so you can make sound, informed decisions better. It encourages you to be open to change and inspired to move forward with your dreams.

9 Crystals That You Need in Your Life for a Better 2019

Carnelian Crystal Egg

This charming little carnelian comes in the form of a smooth egg shape! Eggs are often a symbol of energy and a great source of protein, which is a perfect shape for the also energetic carnelian. Add this to your collection today and discover how it can help you be more decisive. Shop at Etsy.


4. Tiger’s Eye

Need a little push in the right direction this year? The Tiger’s eye is known to encourage bravery, strength, and determination. It is an action-oriented crystal that will help you become more driven to achieve your goals this year. It helps create focus and single-mindedness on those who are struggling in those areas.

9 Crystals That You Need in Your Life for a Better 2019

Tiger Eye Necklace

This tiger eye necklace is not only very chic, but also meaningful. Bring a piece of Tiger’s eye with you when traveling to a new country or anywhere you are not familiar with. You can also wear it as you go into a job interview or anytime you are purposefully walking towards your goals. Shop at Etsy.

9 Crystals That You Need in Your Life for a Better 2019

Tigers Eye Crystal Healing Worry Stone

Tiger’s eye is also great as a worry stone, for those who often feel anxious. Carry it in your pocket to remind you of focus, peace, and gratitude and help you deal with anxiety or doubt. Get yours at Etsy.


5. Black Tourmaline

Dispel any negative energy with the black tourmaline. It acts as a protector against negative energy and dispels anger and anxiety. In the very stressful world we live in nowadays, we all could use some black tourmaline in our lives!

9 Crystals That You Need in Your Life for a Better 2019

Large Black Tourmaline Crystal Pendant

This raw black tourmaline crystal pendant is great for traveling, so you can take its protective powers with you anywhere you go. It’s especially good for when you’re going to new places or pursuing activities such as mountain climbing, bungee-jumping, and sky-diving, if you’re a daredevil like that! Shop at Etsy.

9 Crystals That You Need in Your Life for a Better 2019

Beautiful 55MM Black Tourmaline Stone

Ward your home and yourself from bad energies with this gorgeous pyramid tourmaline stone that is sure to start conversations among guests. It is beautifully shaped and crafted from natural black tourmaline that is a must-have, especially in toxic environments. Shop at Etsy.


6. Pyrite

Don’t be fooled by the rocks that we got, as this pyrite is in fact a crystal that will help you manifest wealth and prosperity. Called “Fool’s Gold” thanks to its metallic luster and pale brass-yellow hue, this crystal is one of the most common sulfide minerals. Use it to manifest financial freedom and prosperity this 2019.

9 Crystals That You Need in Your Life for a Better 2019

100% Natural Iridescent Pyrite from Bulgaria

This gorgeous piece of pyrite was sourced from Bulgaria and is a great crystal to help manifest your financial dreams. Whether it’s to boost your business or level up your investment returns, this pyrite will help you achieve your intentions this year. Get this at Etsy.


7. Amethyst

Known as nature’s cure to ease anxiety, the amethyst is the stone of spirituality and contentment. It calms, soothes, and protects the spirit from negative emotions and elements and keeps it safe from any threats.

9 Crystals That You Need in Your Life for a Better 2019

Large Amethyst Crystal Quartz Tower

Place this in your bedroom to help you wind down at night. This large amethyst crystal tower not only looks gorgeous, but can work wonders for the soul. It will help calm anxious minds and protect it from further distress. Shop at Etsy.


8. Amazonite

9 Crystals That You Need in Your Life for a Better 2019

If you find that you would like to have a peaceful 2019, invest in amazonite, which works to promote harmony and truth. It encourages honesty in words and open communication. Shop at Etsy.


9. Rose Quartz

We saved the best for last! For those who want to manifest more love internally and externally this year, the rose quarts is for you. This crystal promotes self-love, compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance. It is often used in jewelry or as crystal towers at home.

9 Crystals That You Need in Your Life for a Better 2019

High Quality Natural Rose Quartz Tower

These towers are great for home use. Place them in your boudoir as it will encourage self love through hygiene and beauty routines. Shop at Etsy.

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