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About Us

How Gentleman Pirate Club Works

Blimey! I see the mighty ocean has brought ye here. Well then, glad to have ye on board, me hearty!

Ye prolly have some riddles going through yer head and wondering what have ye gotten yerself into. Well, ye need not worry, me hearty. Us old salts at the Gentleman Pirate Club be all about making sure ye know what ye need to know.

How does Gentleman Pirate Club work?

Gentleman Pirate Club aims to share valuable knowledge and tips on how you can prepare and survive emergencies and other dire situations. We think of different scenarios and show you the many ways you can survive them. We also believe in self-sufficiency as a way to prepare for whatever lies ahead. As our ship sails in these waters, we look for valuable treasures. When we spot one, we tell you where it is.

Is Gentleman Pirate Club a store? Are you selling these great deals?

No, me hearty. We are not a store and we are not selling anything.

As much as we love the treasures we find, we don’t want to keep them buried forever. When we find a product that we believe is something everyone needs — a product that you’ll be glad to have when you need to batten down the hatches — we make sure to share our booty. These deals will be useful for your survival and better quality of life.

We don’t sell. We look for great finds and tell you where you can get one, too. It’s like hunting for buried treasure, finding it, and then showing you the treasure map so you can find it too. We point you to the right direction so you can get the best deals on the stuff you need.

When we say you can find the deal or treasure yourself, we mean you just need to click on the link that we will provide. You will then be swept away to the actual online retailer where you can purchase the booty you need or want. Again, you’re buying from them not us so you don’t have to share any sensitive information with Gentleman Pirate Club. Despite our pirate-y charm, we’re here to share not pillage.

Be wary, though, that these deals are not forever. They may be on sale when we find them so it’s up to you to take advantage of it before it’s over. Other times the seller simply runs out of supplies. Shiver me timbers! This reminds me of me rum supply. You know us pirates need our daily dose of grog.

If you’re not selling, what’s in it for you?

Aside from the fulfilment of knowing we’re helping people prepare for emergencies, we may also receive a small commission for every sale. You pay the price as indicated by the seller. You don’t pay us anything and we definitely don’t affect the price of the item. The commission we may receive comes from the retailers. It’s their way of thanking us for directing your attention to them.

Since we’re in the business of helping, we will do our best to help out in case you encounter any issue. Feel free to contact us and give us a mighty loud Yo ho ho! You can also send us an email at Let’s work together to figure things out, me hearty.

To sum it all up, Gentleman Pirate Club:

  • Looks for great products and tell you where you can buy them.
  • Does not sell or gather personal information.
  • May receive a commission from the retailer for the items you buy from them.
  • Will happily help you out if you have any issues.