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Preppers To Do List

  1. Learn a new skill.
  2. Fill your car with gas.
  3. Create a food and supplies journal.
  4. Shop for bug-out clothing.
  5. Get to know your neighbors.
  6. Get into the medical stuff.
  7. Stock up on pet supplies.
  8. De-clutter a part of a closet to store prep/food items.
  9. Make a healthy change to your daily diet
  10. Turn that brown thumb into a green one.
  11. Learn to make fire in more than one way.
  12. Hold a yard sale or garage sale.
  13. Acquire or improve your exercise program.
  14. Tape emergency contact list inside of cupboard.
  15. Practice situational awareness when out and about shopping
  16. Clean a closet or drawer.
  17. Check for leaks in your water supplies.
  18. Have all of your passwords written down and hidden.
  19. Make doctor’s appointments.
  20. Read a Prepper’s books and articles.
  21. Live off your freeze dried foods for a week.
  22. Consider adding a jar of Vaseline to your supplies list.
  23. Learn sign language.
  24. Produce a food journal. Write down what your family eats for a week. Base your short term food storage on this list
  25. Figure out how much water you need. Start storing!
  26. Save your $1.00 bills in a jar. Keep them for emergency only.
  27. File all important documents in one place so you can grab and go.
  28. Take a self-defense Class. Get some defense tools.
  29. Save seeds and sprout them.
  30. Get products to repair punctures and inflates your tires.
  31. Super-size your food storage.
  32. Bake biscuits from scratch.
  33. Get some thermal under wear under there!
  34. Grow your own and Buy NON-GMO foods.